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The Praxis® Tests

Supporting aspiring teachers on their journey to the classroom

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Annual Changes

The Praxis testing year runs from September to August. Each year in mid-July, ETS updates the Praxis website, including the state requirements pages, to reflect changes for the upcoming testing year.


State changes

To ensure that all requirements are accurate on the website when registration for the new testing year opens in mid-July, we ask states and organizations to submit any test requirement changes to ETS by May for the upcoming testing year. These changes are then applied to the Praxis state pages for publication in mid-July so that teacher candidates may view current state testing requirements, register for the tests and prepare.


ETS changes

Some annual changes do not require any action on the part of states and agencies, such as tests moving to a new score scale or existing titles being offered in a computer-delivered format. ETS makes these changes automatically unless we’re instructed otherwise.


Changes for regenerated tests

For regenerated tests that require a standard-setting study, we require the submission of adoption and drop paperwork to transition from the old test to the new test. Submit all paperwork to ETS by the beginning of May for the upcoming testing year.



If you have questions about the annual change process, contact your Client Relations Director at