Training for Jobseekers Over 50

Training for Jobseekers Over 50

Jobseekers may often be imagined as younger people, many of whom have perhaps only just left their education behind them. However, there is an older generation of out-of-work people that mustn’t be forgotten. People over 50 who have previously left work for whatever reason are finding it harder than ever to get back onto a career path later in life. If this situation sounds familiar, there are a few key areas you can focus on.

Confidence –

A key issue for jobseekers of all ages, this is particularly prevalent among older adults who might have delayed their return to work or simply feel a little “rusty” when it comes to serious employment. Taking up hobbies and actively working on other projects before going back to work can really help build up confidence again.

Qualifications –

Of course, qualifications matter just as much for most jobs whether you’re 18 or 60. Older people who specialised in fast-moving industries earlier in life may find their qualifications are out of date, or they may potentially need to learn a whole new area in order to succeed. Specialised courses for older adults can be a great help with this situation.…

Could Clown Training Work For You?

Clown Training

Most people might not immediately think of clown training when they are considering going into a new career. However, many accomplished professionals swear by clowning as an amazingly beneficial discipline, and it’s actually widely respected for a number of reasons. Clown courses and workshops offer a great number of benefits to a range of people, and this unusual but fun career course can unlock a whole new perspective on life.

The key to clowning may be the focus on sheer optimism. Clown characters generally believe they can achieve anything if they set their mind to it, and their performance art is based around demonstrating that process in a comedic but thought-provoking way. However, contrary to popular belief, it’s not necessary to dress in a ridiculous circus costume to practice the skill of clowning. Instead, the focus of clown training in most contexts is about improving your state of mind and self confidence.…