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The Praxis® Tests

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Change Test or Score Requirements

Once a passing score is established, licensing agencies should conduct structured, periodic reviews of their passing score to assure that test takers meeting the requirement demonstrate acceptable levels of knowledge, skill and ability. On occasion, licensing agencies may feel that an adjustment is appropriate to either the selection of tests or the passing score requirement and should evaluate the effects prior to applying a new passing score.


Changing a passing score

When a state licensing agency decides to change the official passing score on a test, the agency files score change paperwork with ETS. This paperwork indicates what the new passing score will be and when that score becomes effective. Once received and processed, the adopted tests and scores are posted to the Praxis website and entered into the operational scoring system for implementation.


Changing a test requirement

A state licensing agency may decide that another test would better reflect the knowledge and skills needed to be tested for a particular certification or licensure area or a particular license may no longer be offered for that agency. When this occurs, the agency files a drop form to indicate which test is to be discontinued, the date of discontinuation and which licenses are affected by the change. Once received and processed, on the appropriate date the dropped tests and scores are removed from the Praxis website and discontinued in the operational scoring system.

If the state agency chooses to replace the discontinued test with another title, the state will go through the appropriate adoption process and file the appropriate paperwork.

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