Going Back To Work After Being A Full-time Parent

Returning to work after being a fulltime parent

For some people, even today, having children means the end of their working lives as they knew them before. For those who can afford to, it’s great to have the option of focusing on bringing up children full time, although in reality the majority of people do have to think about going back to work and continuing their career path. This can be tricky, but there are things you can do that will help you tackle it step by step.

Firstly, of course it’s necessary to decide when to take the plunge. For many parents, it’s difficult to say when it might be a good time to return to work, and you almost certainly wouldn’t know for sure until you start the experience of parenthood for yourself. Taking care of children is generally unpredictable, but it does generally require some balance and consistency, whatever you choose to do. Once you have achieved this and you have a sensible plan for taking care of your children while managing a career, you can start planning.

An action plan is always an essential place to start when planning your return to work, especially after an extended period away. Whether you are going back to a familiar work environment, trying a new job within the same industry or breaking out of your comfort zone entirely for a new career adventure, you will need to take it step by step. A detailed action plan will help you establish your priorities and take on what needs to be done in a sensible order.

Building up your new CV is also vital and you will need to consider how your previous experience fits in. You might have left your former job without much planning if you started a family without a long planning process, but this doesn’t mean you have a problem now. Thinking about what you have done so far in your life and turning it into something on paper that sets you apart from other candidates in an interview scenario could be the difference between missing out on a great chance or getting onto your dream career path again.

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