Government Help For Getting Back To Work

Government Help For Getting Back To Work

The majority of people receiving unemployment benefits in the UK are doing their utmost to find work, but it can be difficult to break into a career path when your skills or qualifications may be limited or you face other barriers in your life. Fortunately the government is constantly working to improve its facilities for helping people move from the UK welfare system to paid work. As someone currently claiming JSA (Job Seeker’s Allowance), there are many things you can do to help yourself make progress.

Firstly, you need to get all the support you can from your local job centre, which you will most likely be attending on a regular basis already. At Jobcentre Plus, the government’s main partner in helping unemployed people in the UK, you can investigate all the avenues available to you and get personal advice from your work coach. One of the main things they will ensure you’re comfortable with is searching for jobs, primarily online using services such as Universal Jobmatch, the government’s official careers search engine. There are many more places to look for job opportunities both online and offline, which you will be able to learn more about at your assigned Jobcentre Plus.

The type of work you look for can make a big difference, and being open to different options will help you find work that’s more suited to you, so this is something else the government can encourage and help you with. Work experience programmes may be available to help you build up your CV, as well as volunteering opportunities. You can also talk to your work coach about arranging a work trial, enabling you to try out a job with minimal disruption to your benefits. Starting your own business is another option that may be available to you, and help to do this will also be available from the government through your job centre.

Since the government is aware that some people need specific support to help them find work, various additional programmes are on offer if you know who to ask. Your job centre can assist with helping disabled people find suitable employment, as well as parents or carers who need to balance their responsibilities at home with earning an income. Other health related support is also available if necessary, plus the government can assist with making sure you have enough money for adequate housing, which may continue after you find a job.

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