Helpful Tips On How To Land A New Job

With the current economic crisis the world is facing today, the job market has also been significantly affected. Job opportunities have markedly decline since a number of employers have stepped on the brakes on hiring new workforce. In fact, new applications are put on hold.

Moreover, some industries have resorted to laying off their workers as mergers take place and companies closes. This would mean that one would have a difficulty getting himself or herself employed. How to land a new job may be disheartening but do not give up. Continue the search and you will eventually get yourself hired.

Given the present scenario of the present employment process, job seekers should prepare themselves for a grueling battle ahead. Since there is an existing disproportion on the number of qualified applicants and job openings, you must present yourself as a more qualified candidate for the position among all the other aspirants. Your job seeking skill is crucial in today’s indeterminate economic environment. There is a need for you to gain awareness on career branding and should become more strategic on reaching possible employers. Here are some helpful tips on how to land a new job.


Tip No.1 Maximize Your Network

The best way to get the freshest updates on job openings is through your friends and acquaintances. It is imperative that you stay connected with a number of former classmates, colleagues, and industry peers; a great way to do this is though professional networking sites such as Linkedin. Keep yourself within the radar of those people who knows what your abilities and what you have to offer. They will be able to help you by providing you with notifications on job leads even before they are revealed to the public at large. This way you have the edge of being the first contender.

If you have your eye on a company in particular, it will do you a lot of good if you know someone who is currently working with them. By keeping in touch with them, you will be notified when there is a vacancy where you could probably be employed given that it is your field of practice.

Tip No.2 Advertise Your Brand

Another very helpful tip on how to land a new job is by letting the public know what about the skills and abilities that you possess. Establishing yourself as an expert in your field of industry is very important. In order to do this, you have to stay on the limelight by being visible for majority of the time.

You could volunteer your talents and capabilities whenever there is an upcoming community work. Or it could also be as simple as participating on an online forum or by creating your own website as well as via blog postings. You may also try your hand in contributing to local publications or to the alumni newsletter of the school you graduated from. Through this your name will constantly be a word of mouth and you will be within reach and more important is that you are able to build your credibility in your field as well as set yourself apart from competition because you will be seen as someone who has higher credentials.

Tip No.3 Present Yourself The Right Way


Application Letters and Resume are very important. You must be able to produce these two documents in a way that would characterize you as the most suitable candidate for the position. How to land a job with the use of this medium is by coming up with contents that will make the human resource person think that you are who they are looking for.

When asked to sit on an interview, make sure that you are at your best. Do not be late or too early, be at the venue fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Be sure that you know what is written on your resume since it will serve as a basis of the conversation. You have to be well versed with the things that you have listed. It is also do you a lot of good if you have researched on the company. So you may be able to give appropriate answers when asked about what you know of them.

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