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The Praxis® Tests

Supporting aspiring teachers on their journey to the classroom

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How Tests Are Scored

Scores are determined based on the structure of the specific Praxis test.


Selected-response test scoring

Selected-response answer sheets are scored by machine, which gives virtually 100% scoring accuracy.

  • Each correct answer is worth one raw point.
  • The total raw score is the number of questions answered correctly on the full test.
  • The scaled score is computed from the total number of raw points in a way that adjusts for the difficulty of the questions.

Constructed-response test scoring

Each constructed-response or essay response is scored by trained, supervised scorers who follow strict scoring procedures.

  • Written responses to each question are read and scored by two or more qualified scorers specifically trained to score the responses to that question.
  • Scorers assign ratings based on a scale developed for that test by educators who are specialists in the subject area.

Pretest questions

Some tests may include pretest questions — one or more new questions that are being evaluated for possible use in future editions of the test.

  • Pretest questions are not identified in order to assess how test takers respond to them under actual testing conditions.
  • Pretest questions do not count toward the score.

Additional information

For more information about scoring methodology, download the Technical Manual for The Praxis® Tests and Related Assessments (PDF).