Is An Apprenticeship Right For You?


Practical new ways to get into new careers are always welcomed by most young people, and fortunately there are opportunities coming up all the time. Apprenticeships continue to grow in popularity, especially in the UK, and can offer some fantastic benefits for people who have struggled to get into work through different methods, or simply want to change their career path or develop new skills and confidence.

Many people struggle with school and college throughout their education, and by the time they reach 16 it is common for young students to become disengaged with the process and take more of an interest in starting work as soon as possible. Apprenticeships are a great way to develop new skills and learn in a completely different way to traditional education. The fact is that academic study is not for everyone, and some people can learn much faster and develop their skills better through the kind of practical experience you gain as an apprentice.

Some professions lend themselves particularly well to apprenticeships, including trade industries focused on delivering a particular specialised service. This could include builders, decorators, plumbers, electricians and so on, since practical knowledge and experience is highly valued in these trades. The range of subjects available is no longer limited to these traditional vocations, however; apprenticeships may be available in fields like digital marketing, media production, finance, engineering, sport, IT, hospitality, healthcare and many more.

Another thing that surprises many people, as well as the range of subjects you can choose to go into, is the potential suitability of an apprenticeship for people who never considered them before. You don’t always have to be under a certain age to start one, and even professionals on completely different career paths can use an apprenticeship to start from scratch in an exciting new field. You can be over-qualified for an apprenticeship, usually if you have a degree already, but for many other people an apprenticeship proves to be a logical step up the ladder.

A typical apprenticeship would allow you to work and earn a living while also working towards an application as evidence of your personal skill development, providing you with two essential elements on your CV simultaneously – work experience and recognised qualifications. These are of course two highly sought after components of any successful CV, but things that many people may struggle to access without programmes like apprenticeships available. If you have found it difficult to progress through higher education or simply have no interest in doing so, an apprenticeship is a fantastic alternative that could unlock your potential.

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