Five Fastest Growing Careers

There are occupations that are seen to have the largest job opportunities in 2016. Some of these careers may require college training or relevant on-the-job training. A degree may not be a requirement, but it will certainly be helpful for advancement. A good idea would be to get employment in these fields and see if it suits you. If you feel that it is the perfect job for you and you want to advance in the field, you can work on acquiring more education to enhance your credentials.

1. Medical Assistants

For those individuals who are interested in the medical field and enjoy doing clerical work, you might have a flourishing career as a medical assistant. Medical assistants generally perform all kinds of clerical tasks in medical offices. Aside from this, they may perform simple clinical procedures like taking vital signs and preparing laboratory tests with the supervision of experts. For you to be one, you have to complete a vocation education program in medical assisting as more and more employers are now making this as a major qualification for applicants.

2. Social and Human Service Assistants


If helping others and working with community service projects is your thing, you might have a promising career as a social and human service assistant. There are actually various jobs in this field. Some of them are working as case management aides, community outreach workers, or life skill counselors. Social and human services assistant are likewise supervised by people in various field, like social work, physical therapy, nursing, or psychiatry.

While there may be a lot of opportunities in this field for non-degree holders, employers are gradually opting for college graduates.

3. Home Care Assistants

If you are fascinated with the care industry but dislike being cooped up inside a medical building, a home health career might be the most appropriate choice for you. Home care assistants travel to patients’ homes to provide health services such as giving medications, checking vital signs, bathing, grooming, among others. They also keep records of the patients’ development and perform their duties under the supervision of a medical staff. In order to land a job as a home care assistant, you need relevant health care qualifications such as NVQ’s.

4. Physical Therapist Aides

If physical therapy is your career choice, starting out as an aide is a good way to jump-start your career. Physical therapist aides work with the supervision of physical therapists or physical therapist assistants. The responsibilities include motivating patients, stocking supplies, cleaning treatment areas, preparing for patient treatments, and doing some clerical tasks. Aides don’t perform clinical therapy treatments as they are unlicensed to do the job.

Physical therapist aides are commonly trained on the job. The majority of the employers seek graduates who are personable and eager to help others.

5. Fitness Trainers and Aerobic Instructors


A job in the fitness world would be perfect for athletic individuals who have the passion for helping others achieve their desired weight and physique. Fitness trainers focus on helping others in attaining their fitness goals. Likewise, they coach clients on the exercise methods and work with them in attaining the desired fitness level. Fitness trainers have the choice of either working for a company or becoming a personal trainer. The same tasks are performed by aerobics instructors, but their focus is teaching group aerobic exercise classes.

A college degree is not required to enter this field but certification in personal training, aerobics, or weight training is essential for the job. A CPR certification is also a requirement.

Bear in mind that what is important in whatever field you land in, learning must always be a continuing process. Update yourself with current trends and if possible, discover new ones. Remember that customers’ needs are forever changing, so always keep yourself abreast.

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