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Praxis Product Demo



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On-screen: [For every student, every classroom. Real results. We're a nonprofit with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Learners. Teachers. Districts. Parents.]

Speaker: Anthony

Hi, I'm Anthony, and I'm a product manager at Khan Academy.

On-screen: [Khan Academy. ETS®]

On-screen: [A collaboration with the makers for the Praxis® Core ETS®. Official Praxis® Core Prep. Build the skills and confidence to succeed on test day and beyond. 100% free. Official prep – 100% free: We've worked with the makers of the Praxis® Core to offer thousands of authentic practice questions. Personalized for you: We'll identify your strengths and weaknesses, and create a customized practice plan that works with your schedule. Build your skills: Build the skills you need using instructional videos, exercises with instant feedback, and timed practice tests.]

We're collaborating with ETS® to create Official Praxis® Core Prep, a free online resource that helps you build the reading,writing, and math skills you need to succeed on the Praxis Core test and beyond.

To access the Official Praxis® Core Prep, go to, and click Get Started.

On-screen: [A world-class education for anyone, anywhere. 100% free. Join Khan Academy to get personalized help with what you're studying or to learn something completely new. We'll save all of your progress. By signing up for Khan Academy, you agree to our Terms of use and Privacy Policy.]

You'll want to sign up for a Khan Academy account or log-in if you already have one.

On-screen: [Start with a diagnostic to unlock your practice plans.]

On-screen: [Praxis® Core Diagnostics. Math. Reading. Writing.]

Once you're logged in, start identifying your strengths and weaknesses with our diagnostics.

On-screen: [Set official test dates.]

After you finish your diagnostics, create a practice schedule that fits with your daily life. Tell us your real test date, when you want to practice, and when you want to do full-length practice tests.

Next, set a personal score goal. Tell us which state you want to report your scores to, and set a goal at or above passing. We'll help you stay on track to meet that goal.

After you're all set up, you can start practicing for all the different skills that appear on the real Praxis® Core test.

On-screen: [Stage 2. Pre-algebra word problems. Data representations. Angles. Naming and ordering numbers. Probability. Equivalent expressions. Random sampling. Rational number operations. Counterexamples. Properties of shapes.]

Based on your diagnostics, we'll give personalized recommendations for what skills are most important for you to focus on, and you'll get immediate feedback on the practice problems, all of which were developed in collaboration with ETS®.

On-screen: [Tips, strategies, and related content. Answer hints.]

We'll give you answer explanations and related examples. After doing enough skills practice, you can take full-length practice tests to get a better feeling for the real test.

On-screen: [Practice Test #1. 56 questions. 85 minutes.]

After finishing each full-length practice test, you'll get an authentic score on a scale of 100 to 200.

On-screen: [Wow! You are rocking it!]

On-screen: [Congratulations, you hit your goal score!]

As you move through your practice plan, we'll always let you know how you are tracking towards your score goals for each subject.

On-screen: [A collaboration with the makers for the Praxis® Core ETS®. Official Praxis® Core Prep. The best way to prep for the Praxis® Core Math. Personalized. 100% free. Get started.]

Have fun studying and we look forward to celebrating your progress and helping you succeed not only on the Praxis® Core test, but also on your overall teaching journey.

On-screen: [Khan Academy. For free official Praxis® Core prep visit]

End of Video: Praxis® Product Demo