Trade your Professional Services for Goods and Save

A new alternative to online auction sites is currently growing in popularity, and there are a few unique advantages that may present themselves to new graduates, professionals who are temporarily between jobs and other unemployed people in various situations. What we’re talking about are websites that puts a modern spin on the classic barter exchange system – exchanging goods and services by users as a service in specialised websites.

The concept is that you can register on a site and list something you’re willing to trade. Instead of cash, you can either opt to part with goods that you no longer need, or perhaps unwanted presents that you can’t find a home for. Alternatively, you can offer your professional services to people who may need them, whether it’s something you have done as a career (or plan to in future) or just straightforward tasks that take up time. Whatever you choose to offer, you’re putting something out there that has value to someone else – ideally more value than it holds for you.

In return, you’ll be able to search for people offering something you need. For someone who’s unemployed, an obvious benefit to this is being able to save money and spend it on other things while your income is relatively low. If you’re able to get hold of items or services you need without spending a penny, this may be a lot more fulfilling and productive while allowing you to redirect your limited funds elsewhere as required. This is a great way to bridge a financial gap while you’re looking for work.

Perhaps an even better benefit of trading your services for others’ is that you get a chance to use your professional skills at a time when you may feel they’re being wasted or you’re struggling to find opportunities. If you’re providing a service to people that you plan to use in your next job, why not use the work you’re trading to build up your CV or portfolio for the future? The more experience you can gain, the better you’ll look as a candidate for your next role, so it makes perfect sense to consider putting your skills and services on the market in a new and unique way.

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