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Research & Development delivers quality assessments, groundbreaking research and measurement, and user-driven educational solutions

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Research Centers

Leading research to promote fairness and equity in learning and assessment

ETS® AI Labs

Developing innovative solutions with users through experimentation and rapid prototype development

ETS R&D Consulting Services

Addressing your psychometric, research, development and training needs

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Design, Development and Analysis

Creating assessments through statistical analysis, psychometrics and test design

Grants and Strategic Alliances

Collaborating to strengthen and promote positive change in education

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Fairness and Equity

Improving Educational Equity and Informing Policy

Learn how we ensure opportunity for learners through policy and practice-based applications.

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Fairness and Equity

Learn more about ETS’s commitment to fairness and equity in assessment and learning.

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ETS Mission and Values

Who We Are

At ETS we are united in our mission to advance quality and equity in education.

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What We Do

Our research and assessments inform decisions and create opportunities for learners around the world.

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Research Chairs

Research Chairs

The ETS Research Chairs are named after pioneers in educational assessment and honor today's scientific leaders in educational measurement.

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Learn more about ETS's research and achievement in advancing educational measurement in Advancing Human Assessment.


Interested in collaborating with ETS researchers to carry out innovative and impactful R&D projects? Learn more about our internship and fellowship programs.