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ETS® Proficiency Profile

Improve the quality of instruction and learning

Select a topic to see how the ETS® Proficiency Profile can provide the valid, reliable data you need.


About the ETS Proficiency Profile

The ETS Proficiency Profile is a general education outcomes assessment of core skills —reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematics — in a single convenient test. Higher education institutions use the results to demonstrate program effectiveness for accreditation and funding purposes. Testing is conducted at your convenience, either onsite or remotely, and there are a variety of testing formats to meet your specific scheduling and staffing needs.

Learn more about the ETS Proficiency Profile.

Why Choose the ETS Proficiency Profile

Learn why almost 400 institutions nationwide use it to get a high-level view of student performance and make evidence-based curriculum decisions.

Test Content

Learn about the academic skills measured and the optional essay, and find sample test questions.

Test Design

The test is available in both Standard and Abbreviated forms and customizable to meet different institutional needs.

Guidelines for Use

Proper use is important to protect test takers and institutions from invalid conclusions that may result from misuse of test data.

Motivating Students

Increase participation and motivate students to perform their best with Certificates of Achievement and Badges.


Almost 400 institutions nationwide rely on the ETS Proficiency Profile to provide the valid, reliable data they need. See how the ETS Proficiency Profile can help your institution.

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