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The Praxis® Tests

Prepare for your teaching career

Select a step to learn more about your Praxis® journey.


On Test Day

Knowing what to expect on test day can make you feel more at ease. Learn more about the test day experience to make sure you’re prepared and ready.


Review The Praxis® Tests Information Bulletin for the complete test day policies, including ID requirements, unscheduled breaks, canceling your scores and dismissal from a test.

At Home Testing

See what to expect when taking a test at home and be prepared for test day.


Test Center Testing

Learn about what to bring on test day and review procedures that apply before, during and after your test.


Calculator Use and Tutorials

Read calculator policies and learn more about how to use the on-screen calculators permitted for some tests.


ID requirements

It’s your responsibility to make sure you bring valid, acceptable ID on test day and that the name on it exactly matches the name you used when registering. If you don’t have the required ID, the test center staff won’t admit you, you won’t be permitted to test, and you’ll forfeit your test fees.

You may be required to provide supplemental ID if test center staff questions your primary ID. For this reason, we encourage you to bring two forms of acceptable ID each time you report to a test center.

For more test day ID policies, see the Bulletin.