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The GRE® Tests

Set your students up for success

Select a resource below to learn more about how GRE® program can help you help your students.


The Official GRE Advisor Toolkit

This Official GRE Advisor Toolkit provides the information you need to guide prospective graduate, business and law school students with confidence. Find important information on the GRE tests, including everything prospective students need to know about test registration, preparation, sending scores and more. To suit the many ways you communicate with students, you will find a variety of formats below to quickly point them to key, up-to-date information online.


GRE test preparation modules for student workshops

This collection of free student-facing test preparation modules includes video presentations, a presentation with an accompanying script and resources that advisors and educators can use to supplement their institutional test preparation activities.


Flyers and brochures

GRE® Student Flyer

Updated April 2022

A quick look at how the GRE General Test helps students do their best.

Download the GRE Student flyer (PDF)       File size: 969.2kb

GRE® General Test At a Glance

Updated July 2021

A one-page snapshot of the content and structure of the GRE General Test.

Download the GRE General Test At a Glance (PDF)       File size: 113.7kb

GRE® Subject Tests At a Glance

Updated July 2021

Key facts about the GRE® Subject Tests — what they measure, how they are administered, how to prepare and more.

Download the GRE Subject Tests At a Glance (PDF)       File size: 73.2kb

Considering Law School Flyer

Updated September 2020

A quick look for students considering taking the GRE General Test when applying to law schools and programs.

Download the Considering Law School flyer (PDF)       File size: 70.9kb

Returning to School Flyer

Updated July 2021

When advising someone who has been out of school for a while, use this informative flyer that illustrates why getting an advanced degree is a smart move and provides some tips to help them get started with the process.

Download the Returning to School flyer (PDF)       File size: 294.1kb

Pre-Law Advisor FAQs Flyer

Updated September 2020

In order to advise someone considering taking the GRE General Test to apply to law school, pre-law advisors can use this informative flyer to provide answers to the most asked questions about the process and score acceptance by law programs.

Download the Pre-law Advisor FAQ flyer (PDF)       File size: 86.8kb

Preparation and registration

Official GRE® Test Prep At a Glance

Updated July 2021

The collection of official test preparation materials for the GRE General Test — for free download or to purchase.

Download the Official GRE Test Prep At a Glance (PDF)       File size: 73.2kb

GRE® Registration Infographic

Updated July 2021

Key steps to GRE registration success. A must-have for your students!

Download the GRE Registration infographic (PDF)       File size: 390.5kb

GRE® Information Bulletin

Updated annually, this go-to source contains all the details students will need for test registration, test preparation, test day, getting their scores and more for the current testing year.

Download the GRE® Information bulletin (PDF)       File size: 977.5kb

How-to videos

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How to Create an ETS Account

Updated August 2021

A step-by-step video that guides students through the creation of an ETS Account.

View Transcript

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How to Register for a GRE® General Test

Updated August 2021

A step-by-step video that guides students through the process of registering for a GRE test. 

View Transcript

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How to Reschedule a GRE® General Test Date

Updated October 2021

A step-by-step video that guides students through the process of rescheduling a GRE test date.

View Transcript

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How to Send GRE® Scores After Test Day

Updated August 2021

A step-by-step video that guides students through the process of sending additional score reports. 

View Transcript


Schools that accept GRE scores

Thousands of graduate programs around the world, including business and law, accept GRE scores for master's, MBA, specialized master's, JD and doctoral programs, and the number grows rapidly. View the lists of schools that welcome GRE scores:

GRE student events

View the schedule of upcoming student fairs and webinars where prospective graduate applicants, including students applying to business and law schools, can learn all about GRE tests.

View the Student Fairs schedule