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The Praxis® Tests

Supporting aspiring teachers on their journey to the classroom

Select a step to learn more about the Praxis® tests.


Services,Tools and Resources

ETS offers a variety of services,tools and resources to help administrators,faculty and state departments of education.


ETS® Client Services for Educator Licensure

Access data, reports and tools such as Title II Reporting Services and the ETS® Data Manager for the Professional Educator Programs.

Services and tools

ETS Data Manager for the Professional Educator Programs

Learn about this collection of services related to Praxis score reporting and analysis.

Title II Reporting Services

Get help complying with reporting rules and ensuring accuracy in reporting.

Data Requests

Request ETS research data to inform educational policies and curriculum planning and for use in dissertations.


Professional Educator Programs Newsletter

Get the latest news and important information about ETS Professional Educator Programs and services.

Technical Manual

Explore various aspects of the Praxis tests, including their purpose and use,how they’re developed,test validity and more.